Will soar up to the skies =)

Will soar up to the skies =)
Chase the DREAM=)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Smiley Faces =)

Say Cheese !! =)
ThumbS UP for a wonderful flight =)
you know what...she told me i look like her previous boyfriend XD
anyway i wish you all the best in getting another 1 =)
Birthday Girl Sitting on the left =)
I for got to bring my sunglasses...Its really glaring haha =D

Monday, September 5, 2011

KL Sky Discovery

Be A Pilot and Visit the sky =)
KL SKY Discovery :D

Love is in the air

I totally agree that Love is in the AIR =)

The faces of those who experience a ride up in the sky is will cherish the moment when they are in the air. Its a special feeling being up in the sky =)
So far in my life i have flown for 200 hours, and still craving for more.
The beauty of flying cant be explained by words.
One must try it to experience the magic of flying.
No matter how high or low one flies,
Safety always plays an important role in every flight.
I just love to spread the Joy and Love for Flying =)
Well as you can see... the view is always from a different perspective ,

The Famous KLCC and KL Tower
Now for once heads down to look at the buildings =)
Every landing is crucial.
As it gets closer to the ground,
Have faith in your pilot and there
he brings you safely to the ground

Friday, September 2, 2011

KL Sky Trip .

It will always be beautiful when it comes to the view from above =)
It is so interesting that it will make each and everyone of us WOW =D
Which is so true, I remember the first flight i had.
It was AMAZING! the view was clear visibility were like 10KM
clouds are few and the best part is that the feeling of being in the air =)
And you will have a feeling that flying is safer then driving,
because normally people drive everyday but people don fly everyday =)
Anyway it besides the topic at the moment haha XD
Basically what i would like to share the moment that can be view from above.
Classic as it is.. The KLCC =) Don miss the chance while you still can=)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just feel like blogging =)

Today's post is totally random hehe =)
just wanted to post something =)
its been a while since my last post...Well cant just let it collect dust XD
Oh ya as for today,
Basketball tournament were on..
1st match won the flight instructors..
today lost to A35(junior) haha XD
i think its time to pass the trophy to the new guys =)
anyhow i still will give a fight 1st b4 the game its over hehe =)
sadly my knee is kinda busted haha XD
well its all in the game...
I realize nowadays i hurt myself kinda often..
is it cuz my body cant take the pressure like i used to do??
is it cuz i m weak already???
but i dont feel like i m that weak haha XD
anyway its just a mind thing here =)

Oh ya flying progress..
next week i m gonna enter twin engine phase =)
which means i will graduate on time with my contract(may16)
well it depends actually...its not a confirm thing that i will get out of MFA on time XD

alright that all i guess XD
now is movie time in my room haha XD
peace out =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After 1 year and 3 months in MFA

I', like updating my blog very rarely...i keep on saying will update but its just pure laziness from myself...well since today i m kinda free n i felt like doing some typing so here it goes =)
from day 1..
My batchmates


Its been a pleasure knowing each and every 1 of them =)
cheers!! =)

ok ground papers..
I'm 1 of the lucky 1 who managed to clear all my papers =) now is just to fly till i grad =)
bout flying..i will explain later...
Papers to go is my ELTP (english language test for pilots) on 25 FEB 2011..
I gotta try my best in getting the highest band which is 6..if possible...cant then try again hehe =)

Flying site...
It went pretty well at 1st =)
I'm was under Capt Keone..
He is a Jamaican =)
cuz of him i enjoy my flying lessons from day 1...
every mistakes i made, he corrected me in a good way...he wont shout..
truly a gentlemen =)
He is very knowledgeable as well...His flying skills R way better than mine haha XD
Sadly i m not under him at the moment..
I got switch to Capt Muraali..
So far..things are not so nice...i think so the more i dislike him...
equals to the fact that i m prone of doing mistakes..
as for today...simple mistakes...I did not receive clearance n didn't commence a go around...
ALL This is just minor issues...how can i be so careless...its so simple yet i did it...

Must it be because he makes me felt like i m not enjoying my flying lessons??

THE WORst part... i m reaching the hours of my practical test...
every second in the air is very vital for me...
i must improve on my skills n perfection is what they are looking for..

anyway thanks to my batchmates n friends...
they told me to chill n just do the best nex day =)
so here i m.....gonna do better n better ...
make sure that my confidence level is still there =) so that i can proceed haha =)
n of course not over confidence =)
cuz it kills 1 man day...(as in his mood will be bad at the end of the day)
humble as well =)...now is time for me to get some slp
and forget about what really happen just now...
n study up n be prepared for practicals exams =)

lovely picture =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Havin fun back seating the twin flight =)

Few days ago went back seating my previous instructor twin flight =)
He's no longer my instructor...miss him man haha XD
btw all this pictures were taken with my laptop hahahahaha XD
This flight is a last min decision XD cuz my fren he call me just join the fun =)
using my laptop camera is kinda better than my hp haha XD
but of course my hp is clearer is take pics that is static-ly there haha =)

In this flight its actually kinda like a joy ride to me...
cuz i m not paying n indirectly go up n learn n experience some stuff =)
Twin engine got lots more of stuff to do...single engine less checks...
Oh ya i've pass my 100hours mark last 2 days ago =) Its a good news =)
total up for today i have 100:50haha =)
long more to go b4 enter twin =) enter need 165 hours =)
anyway till next time =) peace =)